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Schuster: Robinho stays


In an interview for spanish newspaper AS, Real Madrid chief Bernd Schuster stated that Robinho will not leave the club this summer, despite interest from several english and italian clubs. It is well known that Chelsea are willing to pay 35 million€ to land the Brazilian forward to Stamford Bridge. Altough Robinho has lost his form and place in starting 11 in latest games, Schuster states that Robinho is happy in Madrid and both club and player want the collaboration to continue.

Robinho suffered a stomach injury several months ago, before the Champions League match against Roma, and since then it appears that he is out of form. He was also involved in a scandal with prostitutes among other brazilian players, scandal that affected his relationship with the club even worse.

Schuster spoke about Arsenal’s Hleb, stating that Real Madrid is interested in the player, and Cristiano Ronaldo, wich “would be welcome and would find his place in Madrid team“.


Real Madrid transfers 2008-2009 – part I


Now that the season is over, it’s time to look forward to the future, see what Real Madrid can improve in prospect about next season. It’s clearly that the biggest frustration this season was the early exit from the Champions League, when we were eliminated by Roma. This is the fourth consecutive season that Real Madrid can’t pass the first knock-out round. This is such a shame, because we have great players, great technical staff, great supporters. Because we don’t want this to happen next year, we hope that the staff will make the right choices about transfers. And I’m not talking only about who needs to come, but who needs to stay.

Casillas is one of the best 5 keepers in the world, nobody can question this. But Real Madrid needs to have a good backup keeper.
Dudek is a great keeper, but he’s 35 years old and I think he will retire in a year or two. I’m not sure if he he will stay next season with us, because he was given just a few chances by Schuster.
Codina, 27 has played just one game in Real Madrid shirt this year, in the final game against Levante. Altough he conceded 2 goals, he’s keeping was awesome. Again, he was given little time to prove himself. I guess between him and Dudek, I’d have to choose Codina, he’s much more younger, and I think Dudek should be given the oportunity to play for the rest of his carreer.

Sergio Ramos should defenetly stay, he’s the best left-side defender in the world. Hi’s pace and technique are awesome, and he gives everything when he’s on field. He’s like a warrior, has quality to be the next leader of Real Madrid. Milan and Chelsea are constantly making offers for him, I just hope the board of directors are aware of the disaster that could happen if Ramos would leave.
Michel Salgado will play at least one more season for Real Madrid, after that, I hope he retires. He was a great player, very devoted to the colours of the club, gave everytime everything.
I have to admit, if we didn’t had Miguel Torres, we would be in a incomfortable situation on the left side of the defense. Miguel Torres can play on the right as well as on the left, so this is very good. There were times when 2 of our 3 left-backs were unavailable, so he was realy handy. Many say that Salgado and Torres don’t rise themselves to Ramos’ level (I agree with that), and that RM should buy a world class backup for Ramos, someone like Dani Alves (I don’t agree). You can’t really expect that Alves could stay a whole season on the bench. He’s a great player, he doesn’t deserve such a treatment. I’m sorry Cicinho left us for Roma, but after reading some of his statements before our game with Roma, and seeing the brazilian manifesting itself in such a disrespectful way when Roma scored against us, I don’t feel any compassion for him. He never really cared about what Real Madrid means.

— End of part I —