C. Ronaldo = 50 million€ + Robinho + S. Ramos + Diarra


According to Marca, Manchester United are demanding 50 million€ plus three players from Real Madrid in order to release Cristiano Ronaldo. Those 3 players are Robinho, Diarra and Sergio Ramos.

Those 3 players are evaluated at 100 million€, IMHO: Diarra 25 million€, Robinho 35 million€, Sergio Ramos 40 million€. So the overall value of Cristiano Ronaldo would be 150 million€. This must be a joke.

I really hope Calderon and Mijatovic are not crazy to let Sergio Ramos or Diarra go. Robinho is a very talented player, but his life outside field is pretty restless. He must focus on his family and career. I guess I would agree Robinho + some money in exchange with C. Ronaldo.

There are rumours that Real Madrid will aproach the owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family, in order to convince them to sell Cristiano Ronaldo. I really hope this won’t happen, it wouldn’t be pro from Real Madrid board.


Real Madrid – Cassano saga


Antonio Cassano was a few years ago one of the most promising talents in italian footbal. I remember that 5-6 years ago, Real Madrid was willing to pay big to land him to the Bernabeu. Like many other players, Cassano’s life outside field was too hectic. He lost his position in Roma’s starting eleven, became unwanted at the club from the managers, team-mates and supporters. So Real Madrid bought him for 5 000 000€. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the rough time Cassano is having, and I was very excited for this transfer. I remember that he even scored on his debut, it was a game in the Spanish Cup.

Soon he started to show his “ugly side“. I guess that night life in Madrid is the same as in Roma, or even more tempting. He gained weight, was out of form for several months, rarely he appeared on the bench. I read in the spanish newspapers that he allways was unhappy about the decisions the coach made regarding him. What would you expect, considering his form and attitude?

Now he is at Sampdoria, on loan. I don’t know what they did to him, but I can’t recognize him. He is totally changed, was even voted the best player this season in Serie A. Now he’s going to Austria and Switzerland for the EURO’s. He is still a Real Madrid player. Now the directors of Sampdoria want to transfer him for good. I am pretty curious what the Real Madrid staff will decide about this player. I hope they let him go, because it’s clear that he found a club where he can play to it’s best. If he remains at Real, he has no chance to be in the first eleven. Cassano even accepted from Sampdoria a wage-cut, so he’s salary will be smaller than what he gets now, he accepted this just because Sampdoria is a small club and they couldn’t afford to pay for his transfer. So it’s clear where he wants to play, let him be happy…

News about C. Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid


This is starting to go crazy. After Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League, he stated that he wants to stay at Manchester United. Now, he says that he’s dream is to play for Real Madrid. What should you believe? I am starting to believe more and more about this transfer, specially because of the moves Real Madrid made these days: Real Madrid will sign a deal with an insurance company to protect themselves against the fluctuations between euro and english pound. Considering a big amount of money involved in the transfer, Real Madrid will be able to save a “few” million euros from this deal.

There are reports that the car Cristiano Ronaldo should drive if he plays for Madrid, an Audi, wich is Real Madrid’s official car, is already prepared, with his name on it.

Another speculation is that Robinho will be involved in the transfer. He stated that there is interrest from Chelsea, but the interrest that Manchester United has on Robinho is well known.

When this whole story started, I was rather sceptic, now I am confident that he will sign for Real Madrid this summer. I think that Robinho + $$$ will be the deal.

Oh, I’m so curious about how this ends up 🙂

Raul for the Golden Foot


Votings are open for the Golden Foot Award. The competition is between 10 players above 29 years of age. This year, 2 players from Ream Madrid are nominated: Raul and Cannavaro. From the 10 nominees, 5 players have played during their career for Real Madrid: Raul, Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo and David Beckham.

To add your vote, just CLICK HERE.

Preferencial option for Dani Aquino


Real Madrid is interrested in signing Real Murcia’s Dani Aquino, only 18 years old. It seems that Real Madrid have a preferencial option in signing the player, wich means that no mather what offer other clubs make, Real Madrid needs to match it and they get the player. Interrested clubs in signing Aquino are Arsenal, Barcelona, Valencia, Chelsea, Liverpool, Sevilla.

Dani Aquino has won some important trofees with Spain Under 17, including Runners Up in South Korea World Cup in 2007, and European Champion in Belgium, same year. Currently, he is a member uf the Under 19 Spain team.

This is a good player, and seeing what big clubs are after him, I think Real Madrid should take him ASAP and send him to stay on loan for another season to a first division team (Real Murcia was relegated).

Real Madrid player of the season 2007 – 2008


Now that the season is over, it’s time to look back at who was Real Madrid’s best player this season.
Real Madrid’s La Liga season 2007 – 2008 in numbers:

  • 85 points in 38 games
  • 17 home matches won in 19 games
  • best attack: 84 goals scored, 2.2 goals / game
  • best defense: 36 goals conceded, 0.9 goals / game
  • best goalscorer: Raul with 18 goals

So this season, Real Madrid not only scored many goals, and the defending was great as well. Many say that Casillas was the best player this season, and I don’t agree with this 100%, I think this award should be handed to Raul as well. IMHO, this Real Madrid defense is one of the best in the world, depending on the form of Cannavaro and Heinze. Cannavaro is the hardest working player on training, he gives everything on field, but sometimes his devotion goes too far. He left the team down in so many games when he was sent off, sometimes I don’t recognize the 2006 Balon d’Or. Heinze’s problem is just like Cannavaro’s, he has to remain calm. Pepe and Sergio Ramos – one of the best defenders in the world, they played brilliantly, and this was Pepe’s first season, he’s only 25 years old. Marcelo was some surprise, I didn’t imagine at the start of the season that he will be such a constant player, if he keeps this rhytm, he will the next Roberto Carlos, no doubt.

I’m not trying to minimize Casillas’ skills, I think he’s on top 5 best goalkeepers in the world, but you have to admint the defense is awesome.

Raul deserves this, not only because of his goals, but for his devotion for the club, for his decisive passes and leadership. I still can’t believe he isn’t going to the EURO’s, Aragones must be crazy.

In conclusion, my Real Madrid player of the season award goes to Casillas and Raul.

90 000 000€ for Cristiano Ronaldo?


Cristiano Ronaldo is a great player, probably the best in the world right now. He is also very young, 23 years old, has awesome technique, speed, pace, is excellent in air and his free kicks are amazing. Among these, he scores many goals. And he’s not even a striker!

Real Madrid announced a budget for transfers of 100 000 000€ for the next season. They already spent 10 million on Garay (21 years old), so there are rumors that the remaining 90 million will be used to buy Ronaldo away from Manchester United. To be honest, I don’t think this will happen, and I think that so many money shouldn’t be spent on a single player. The spanish media are writing from a couple of months about this transfer, As.com even took an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, they took a picture with her and the Real Madrid shirt. I really don’t like this campaign from the spanish newspapers, they intoxicate the readers with such articles and indirectly they put pressure on the Real Madrid board. Of course that every Real Madrid supporter wants C. Ronaldo in the team, but so much money is crazy. We spent 75 million in 2001 for Zidane, but Zidane is Zidane, he didn’t had Ronaldo’s speed or trickery, but was more elegant, had better vision. When Zidane was in form, we just couldn’t lose. He was the kind of player that could win a game all by itself, against any team.

I think that those 90 million should be spent on other players, I think we could buy 3-4 great players with that money, someone like Alex Hleb, wich has a technique very similar to Zidane’s, Diego – great vision and awesome when he plays with Robihno, Huntelaar – a natural goal scorer, he will be the next Nistelrooij, or Quaresma.

I’m really anxious to see what happens this summer, altough Mijatovic stated that we’ll have a “quiet summer“, I don’t think so.

Real Madrid transfers 2008-2009 – part I


Now that the season is over, it’s time to look forward to the future, see what Real Madrid can improve in prospect about next season. It’s clearly that the biggest frustration this season was the early exit from the Champions League, when we were eliminated by Roma. This is the fourth consecutive season that Real Madrid can’t pass the first knock-out round. This is such a shame, because we have great players, great technical staff, great supporters. Because we don’t want this to happen next year, we hope that the staff will make the right choices about transfers. And I’m not talking only about who needs to come, but who needs to stay.

Casillas is one of the best 5 keepers in the world, nobody can question this. But Real Madrid needs to have a good backup keeper.
Dudek is a great keeper, but he’s 35 years old and I think he will retire in a year or two. I’m not sure if he he will stay next season with us, because he was given just a few chances by Schuster.
Codina, 27 has played just one game in Real Madrid shirt this year, in the final game against Levante. Altough he conceded 2 goals, he’s keeping was awesome. Again, he was given little time to prove himself. I guess between him and Dudek, I’d have to choose Codina, he’s much more younger, and I think Dudek should be given the oportunity to play for the rest of his carreer.

Sergio Ramos should defenetly stay, he’s the best left-side defender in the world. Hi’s pace and technique are awesome, and he gives everything when he’s on field. He’s like a warrior, has quality to be the next leader of Real Madrid. Milan and Chelsea are constantly making offers for him, I just hope the board of directors are aware of the disaster that could happen if Ramos would leave.
Michel Salgado will play at least one more season for Real Madrid, after that, I hope he retires. He was a great player, very devoted to the colours of the club, gave everytime everything.
I have to admit, if we didn’t had Miguel Torres, we would be in a incomfortable situation on the left side of the defense. Miguel Torres can play on the right as well as on the left, so this is very good. There were times when 2 of our 3 left-backs were unavailable, so he was realy handy. Many say that Salgado and Torres don’t rise themselves to Ramos’ level (I agree with that), and that RM should buy a world class backup for Ramos, someone like Dani Alves (I don’t agree). You can’t really expect that Alves could stay a whole season on the bench. He’s a great player, he doesn’t deserve such a treatment. I’m sorry Cicinho left us for Roma, but after reading some of his statements before our game with Roma, and seeing the brazilian manifesting itself in such a disrespectful way when Roma scored against us, I don’t feel any compassion for him. He never really cared about what Real Madrid means.

— End of part I —

Hello Real Madrid fans


Hello readers,

My name is Valentin and I’m writing from Bucharest, Romania. Currently I’m a student and entrepreneur / web developer.

I’ve decided to start a blog about my greatest passion, a footbal club that means so much to me, Real Madrid. If you see this page and never heard about Real Madrid, either you’re from another galaxy, either you’re american (kidding :P). I’ll try to post daily 2-3 articles, mainly news about games, players, technical staff, tournaments, transfers, etc.

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