Would you exchange Robinho for C. Ronaldo?

Many rumours regarding Cristiano Ronaldo‘s transfer to Real Madrid appeared last weeks. Some say that the price would be 90 million €, some say that the deal would involve Ramos, Diarra, Robinho and 50 million €, even C. Ronaldo has put his future under shadow.

Robinho is a very interresting player, he is only 24 and I remember that in 2005 when he arrived, I was excited about his arrival, I’ve seen him play at Santos and I was amazed by his skills and technique. The transfer was pretty doubtful, because Santos didn’t wanted to let him go, only for 30 million € or so, wich was his release clause. Robinho was crazy about the transfer, he refuzed to train with Santos, was anxious to sign for Madrid. If I’m correct, the transfer was done in the last day of the summer transfer window.
He seemed to be the exactly what Madrid needs in order to win trophees again. His debut against Cadiz was incredible, he came in as a substitute and was involved in most of Madrid’s attacks. We won 2-1. Several other important matches came and his influence in the game was huge, he has the technique, skills and vision to decide a match all by himself.

It’s pretty obvious that Real Madrid are keen to bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the Bernabeu. The latest rumours about this transfer is an exchange between Ronaldo and Robinho. It seems that Manchester United are interrested in Robinho, Real Madrid are interrested in Ronaldo. Ronaldo wants to play for Real Madrid (as he says), Robinho wouldn’t mind to play for another team (altough he says his desire is to stay in Madrid).

So what’s going on? Is Real Madrid willing to let Robinho go, in exchange for Cristiano Ronaldo? Would this transfer be good for Real Madrid? Technically, Robinho and Ronaldo are pretty much the same, they both have skills. Ronaldo is faster than Robinho, but Robinho is a better team-player. Robinho is now familiar with spanish footbal, Ronaldo isn’t. This could be important, as Ricardo Quaresma, another great portuguese player (with great technique and skills) played for Barcelona, but didn’t manage to impress.

If this rumour is true, I hope that Real Madrid won’t agree. Robinho is young, has made his impact on Madrid’s game and has great potential for the future.

What do you think?


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3 Responses to “Would you exchange Robinho for C. Ronaldo?”

  1. kpal Says:

    I dont know, this one is tough because both are really good players and like u said they have very similar qualities but i think that robinho has not lived up to his hype. when he came to madrid every one was expecting him to be like Ronaldinho for barca. It has not been like that at all he has done well but not to the expectation everyone had. But i do think robinho has appeared in critical moments for madrid and has shown that he can put a team on his shoulders and carry them to glory (brazil/ Copa America). On the other hand, Ronaldo can be a no show in very important matches one example is the semi finals in the champions league. I wish both could play for the team but i lean more towards bringing ronaldo.

  2. ruben Says:

    i think that c.ronaldo should just go to real madrid nd that they should get nani nd anderson too

  3. Conference Coordinator Says:

    Ronaldo is on a different planet to robino in my opinion and having seen both players several times live and dozens of time on tv etc.

    One of the greatest players ever whereas robino is just a quality striker.

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