Real Madrid 2008-2009 pre-season schedule

Real Madrid have announced their pre-season plans for this summer, with several entertaining friendly matches included. So here goes:

  • 14-19 July, team building in Algarve, Portugal
  • 21-31 July, training in Irdning, Austria
  • 2 August, friendly match against Hamburg SV (Emirates Cup)
  • 3 August, friendly match against Arsenal (Emirates Cup)
  • 7 August, friendly match against Independiente Santa Fe, in Bogota, Colombia
  • 12 August, friendly match against Eintracht Frankfurt, in Germany
  • Spanish Supercup against Valencia, 2 matches
  • 27 August, the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy against Sporting Lisbon

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3 Responses to “Real Madrid 2008-2009 pre-season schedule”

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