Why Raul is my favorite player

He began he’s carreer at Real Madrid in 1994, in a game against Zaragoza. He didn’t score on his debut, but did it next week, against arch-rivals Atletico Madrid, in a game played at Santiago Bernabeu. Since then, he started breaking many records:

  • top scorer for Spain national team with 44 goals
  • UEFA Champions League all-time scorer with 61 goals
  • 2nd goal-scorer for Real Madrid in history, after Alfredo di Stefano, with 292 goals
  • 2nd most appearances in Real Madrid shirt, with 655 appearances

He won everything with Real Madrid, and has many individual trophees as well. In my opinion, Raul is the best captain Real Madrid ever had, one of the most important figures in world footbal and probably the most successful in spanish footbal. His attitude on field is exemplar, he is fair play, has gone for 3 seasons without receving a yellow card and has never been sent off. Rarely he’s angry on field, rarely I see him protesting about referee decisions.

He wasn’t called up in spanish national side for EURO 2008. Luis Aragones hasn’t motivated his decision, when asked why Raul wasn’t called up, he’s very “professional” response was “I’m the coach, what I say goes.“. Raul didn’t express his anger about this decision, never criticised the coach. He found the strength to wish the players good luck and support them.

How many players, wich had such a great season, scoring 23 goals in all competitions, would have said this? How many players wouldn’t have criticized the coach about this foolish decision?

Raul was in Bucharest a few days ago, I had the chance to see him play, he even gave me an autograph. Altough it was only a friendly match, more like a charitable event, his commitment and devotion to the game of footbal were amazing.
There were times when Real Madrid won nothing, when players were criticized, many coaches fired, people were angry. I ask only this: how can you be mad on someone who devoted his whole life to Real Madrid?

I only hope that Raul will have the chance to win a trophy with Spain sometimes, because he’s 31 and time is running up for him. When he will be recalled, I will be Spain’s supporter to win the World Cup or a European Championship.

A true idol



2 Responses to “Why Raul is my favorite player”

  1. kpal Says:

    hey! i really like your page i as well am a big fan of raul and Madrid. I have a blog here at wordpress too and it is also about football. if you would like to check it out here is the link: http://milan88.wordpress.com/.

  2. Valentin Varadi Says:

    Hello Estefany,

    Really nice blog you have there, I like it. I’ve seen few women who like football, and even fewer that blog about it 🙂

    Keep up the great work, I’ll subscribe to your RSS Feed.

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