C. Ronaldo = 50 million€ + Robinho + S. Ramos + Diarra

According to Marca, Manchester United are demanding 50 million€ plus three players from Real Madrid in order to release Cristiano Ronaldo. Those 3 players are Robinho, Diarra and Sergio Ramos.

Those 3 players are evaluated at 100 million€, IMHO: Diarra 25 million€, Robinho 35 million€, Sergio Ramos 40 million€. So the overall value of Cristiano Ronaldo would be 150 million€. This must be a joke.

I really hope Calderon and Mijatovic are not crazy to let Sergio Ramos or Diarra go. Robinho is a very talented player, but his life outside field is pretty restless. He must focus on his family and career. I guess I would agree Robinho + some money in exchange with C. Ronaldo.

There are rumours that Real Madrid will aproach the owners of Manchester United, the Glazer family, in order to convince them to sell Cristiano Ronaldo. I really hope this won’t happen, it wouldn’t be pro from Real Madrid board.


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