Real Madrid – Cassano saga

Antonio Cassano was a few years ago one of the most promising talents in italian footbal. I remember that 5-6 years ago, Real Madrid was willing to pay big to land him to the Bernabeu. Like many other players, Cassano’s life outside field was too hectic. He lost his position in Roma’s starting eleven, became unwanted at the club from the managers, team-mates and supporters. So Real Madrid bought him for 5 000 000€. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the rough time Cassano is having, and I was very excited for this transfer. I remember that he even scored on his debut, it was a game in the Spanish Cup.

Soon he started to show his “ugly side“. I guess that night life in Madrid is the same as in Roma, or even more tempting. He gained weight, was out of form for several months, rarely he appeared on the bench. I read in the spanish newspapers that he allways was unhappy about the decisions the coach made regarding him. What would you expect, considering his form and attitude?

Now he is at Sampdoria, on loan. I don’t know what they did to him, but I can’t recognize him. He is totally changed, was even voted the best player this season in Serie A. Now he’s going to Austria and Switzerland for the EURO’s. He is still a Real Madrid player. Now the directors of Sampdoria want to transfer him for good. I am pretty curious what the Real Madrid staff will decide about this player. I hope they let him go, because it’s clear that he found a club where he can play to it’s best. If he remains at Real, he has no chance to be in the first eleven. Cassano even accepted from Sampdoria a wage-cut, so he’s salary will be smaller than what he gets now, he accepted this just because Sampdoria is a small club and they couldn’t afford to pay for his transfer. So it’s clear where he wants to play, let him be happy…



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