Preferencial option for Dani Aquino

Real Madrid is interrested in signing Real Murcia’s Dani Aquino, only 18 years old. It seems that Real Madrid have a preferencial option in signing the player, wich means that no mather what offer other clubs make, Real Madrid needs to match it and they get the player. Interrested clubs in signing Aquino are Arsenal, Barcelona, Valencia, Chelsea, Liverpool, Sevilla.

Dani Aquino has won some important trofees with Spain Under 17, including Runners Up in South Korea World Cup in 2007, and European Champion in Belgium, same year. Currently, he is a member uf the Under 19 Spain team.

This is a good player, and seeing what big clubs are after him, I think Real Madrid should take him ASAP and send him to stay on loan for another season to a first division team (Real Murcia was relegated).



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