News about C. Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid

This is starting to go crazy. After Cristiano Ronaldo won the Champions League, he stated that he wants to stay at Manchester United. Now, he says that he’s dream is to play for Real Madrid. What should you believe? I am starting to believe more and more about this transfer, specially because of the moves Real Madrid made these days: Real Madrid will sign a deal with an insurance company to protect themselves against the fluctuations between euro and english pound. Considering a big amount of money involved in the transfer, Real Madrid will be able to save a “few” million euros from this deal.

There are reports that the car Cristiano Ronaldo should drive if he plays for Madrid, an Audi, wich is Real Madrid’s official car, is already prepared, with his name on it.

Another speculation is that Robinho will be involved in the transfer. He stated that there is interrest from Chelsea, but the interrest that Manchester United has on Robinho is well known.

When this whole story started, I was rather sceptic, now I am confident that he will sign for Real Madrid this summer. I think that Robinho + $$$ will be the deal.

Oh, I’m so curious about how this ends up 🙂


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18 Responses to “News about C. Ronaldo’s transfer to Real Madrid”

  1. Abdulbasid Mukhtar Says:

    I dont want ronaldo to leave manutd for real madrid.I want him at manutd because madrid are not serious at all we give them beckam,Nistelrooy&Heinze but they dont give us any i want to advice the utd management to reject the upper and also my great fan c.ronaldo no matter how much they will negociate with the management thx.

  2. Valentin Varadi Says:


    Manchester United didn’t gave us Beckham, Nistelrooij or Heinze, all of them left United because of the way they were treated. Beckam got a shoe on his face from Ferguson, Ruud was kept on the bench, and Heinze came to Madrid just because they didn’t wanted him to go to Liverpool.


    if c.ronaldo goes to real i will hate him becase what he bolonges to manchester utd. shuster buys a footbal players just from manchester.real have a very much stars and for that they will always lose

  4. Obaiidd Says:

    why does real madrid alwayz wants players frm man utd?

    cuz dey r good!

    okay, but dey allreadyy got talented players lyk, raul,van nistelrooy,sjnieder,robinho,guti,baprista, etc…

    jst cuz C.Ronaldo iis worlds best at da momment, doesnt mean iits real madrid’s. he developd in man utd n shud stay in utd untill his 4 yr contract expierss.

    n plus.. real knows dat cud neva get messii, dey tryd kaka’ but failld.. now dey r turning 2 C.Ronaldo

    god.. wats rong with dis clubb

    ok Ronaldo might get more money but, da most important thing iis, is he still gonna be in dat kind of form where he is in utd?

    or is he still gonna get his fav numba 7?
    i dnt fiink so.. cuz raul is still der

    or is he gonna play a full game?
    not in bench..

    cuz real got soo maniii goood player dat dey cant choose frm dem n keep dem in benchh where dey get psstt n decides 2 leave (J.savliola)

    n dats hw dey gett fuckd up sumtymz!


    ma advice 4 real iis plz dnt be sucha try hards


  5. uhuru kitaburaza Says:

    Real have many good. players that’s why they dontneed ronaldo and they only go for big stars

  6. KIKO Says:

    why do u think c.ronaldo’s dream is to play for real madrid, ??? real madrid represents progress, represents success and ofcourse… BIG PAY CHECKS.

  7. cris Says:

    i dont want c.ronaldo to leave man utd becaus he is the best in man utd

  8. Bobby Says:

    man united is the best plecea for c.rolando becuz is the word best for non i love him at united.

  9. blerton Says:

    o yeahh ronaldo go to real madrid…ok good bye

  10. masresha Says:

    nice to meet you.

  11. susukiah Says:

    i wan c.ronaldo in manutd!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hamza yahaya Says:

    Hi i would not like ronaldo to leave man utd because that is where he got his name and he should know that madrid useless players at the end.

  13. Numaan thinks Says:

    Never ever think of going to madrid because they will destroy you natural skills they dont need players any more because they already have 25 sitting on the bench they took beckham from manu than what happened to his carrier S000000000 never go to madrid

  14. dj dkool Says:

    holla to all real madrid fans,

    i am one of the best real madrid monitor i luv the club at all time………….
    c.ronaldo luv to play for the white angel, and to all man utd fans here is the question for you which players doesnt want to play for real madrid?? we have the football history and the club is most successful club in d world no one can doubt it.. we signed david beckham in 2003 and dont forget he made a statement that it his dream comes true, cassano also, ask c.ronaldo himself his also his dream to play for los merengues

    4rm nigeria

  15. Estadio del Madrid Says:

    Estadio del Madrid…

    Hala Madrid!…

  16. albaner Says:

    c.ronald is famous playr and hi ned to play in big club ho is real madrid he belong in real madrid becaus is big player

  17. ronaldoFC Says:

    i dont want c.ronaldo to leave manutd. if he leave u will lose ur fans. real madrid have so many good players. ronaldo ur ok with man untd

  18. saif Says:

    i really dont want ronaldo to leave for real madrid, cos he is one of the best players that do give contribution to man united. At the other side, i ll like to advice him on this matter. His mode of playing is going on well at united, so i don’t think the game will embark him in madrid as united.
    So please ronaldo don’t leave us cos we love you.
    frm Nigeria.

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