Real Madrid player of the season 2007 – 2008

Now that the season is over, it’s time to look back at who was Real Madrid’s best player this season.
Real Madrid’s La Liga season 2007 – 2008 in numbers:

  • 85 points in 38 games
  • 17 home matches won in 19 games
  • best attack: 84 goals scored, 2.2 goals / game
  • best defense: 36 goals conceded, 0.9 goals / game
  • best goalscorer: Raul with 18 goals

So this season, Real Madrid not only scored many goals, and the defending was great as well. Many say that Casillas was the best player this season, and I don’t agree with this 100%, I think this award should be handed to Raul as well. IMHO, this Real Madrid defense is one of the best in the world, depending on the form of Cannavaro and Heinze. Cannavaro is the hardest working player on training, he gives everything on field, but sometimes his devotion goes too far. He left the team down in so many games when he was sent off, sometimes I don’t recognize the 2006 Balon d’Or. Heinze’s problem is just like Cannavaro’s, he has to remain calm. Pepe and Sergio Ramos – one of the best defenders in the world, they played brilliantly, and this was Pepe’s first season, he’s only 25 years old. Marcelo was some surprise, I didn’t imagine at the start of the season that he will be such a constant player, if he keeps this rhytm, he will the next Roberto Carlos, no doubt.

I’m not trying to minimize Casillas’ skills, I think he’s on top 5 best goalkeepers in the world, but you have to admint the defense is awesome.

Raul deserves this, not only because of his goals, but for his devotion for the club, for his decisive passes and leadership. I still can’t believe he isn’t going to the EURO’s, Aragones must be crazy.

In conclusion, my Real Madrid player of the season award goes to Casillas and Raul.


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