Hello Real Madrid fans

Hello readers,

My name is Valentin and I’m writing from Bucharest, Romania. Currently I’m a student and entrepreneur / web developer.

I’ve decided to start a blog about my greatest passion, a footbal club that means so much to me, Real Madrid. If you see this page and never heard about Real Madrid, either you’re from another galaxy, either you’re american (kidding :P). I’ll try to post daily 2-3 articles, mainly news about games, players, technical staff, tournaments, transfers, etc.

If you have any suggestions, complaints, or just want to say hi, leave me a comment on one of the posts, or contact me. My e-Mail address is varadi[dot]valentin[at]gmail[dot]com.

Hala Madrid !!!


8 Responses to “Hello Real Madrid fans”

  1. Rajab Bader Says:

    Hey Valentin,
    I’ve just came across your blog while I was Googling around. You seem to be passionate about Real Madrid, but since you are a web developer why didn’t you registered a domain name and got yourself webhosting? That would be better than blogging on WordPress, because it will be easier for you in many aspects.

    Oh I should have introduced myself first, my name is Rajab and I’m an SEO and Blogger myself. I run a Real Madrid blog called realmadridtalk.com – I also own several other websites.

  2. Rajab Bader Says:

    There is a typo in my previous comments – ah you see one of the advantages of having your independent blog is that you can install plugins (edit-comments for example) to provide better user experience 😉

  3. Valentin Varadi Says:

    Hello Rajab,

    Yes I am passionate about Real Madrid, I’m a fan since I know myself 🙂 This wordpress account is a first step in my “Real Madrid project” wich will include much much more. I want to test a bit the “market” with this blog and see how things are going. For sure in the next weeks I’ll buy domain and webhosting.

    Nice blog you have there, I’ve seen it before when I’ve inspected some other Real Madrid websites.

  4. Rajab Bader Says:

    Cool, If ever, you want to join our team just hit me up. I can create you an account to write on the blog.

  5. Valentin Varadi Says:

    Thanks a lot Rajab, for now I don’t have time to write on another blog, but in the future I’d like to. Maybe we can set up some partnership between realmadridtalk.com and my future project about RM.

    I’ll definetely contact you in a few weeks to chat about this, if you like.

  6. Rajab Bader Says:

    Yeah sure. Just let me know
    P.S: we are currently going multi-lingual, so If you’d like to blog about Real Madrid in your mother tongue, I’d get everything ready for you.

  7. Valentin Varadi Says:

    Great, in a couple of weeks I’ll be in if the offer stands, I’m pretty busy now with my exams (I’m a student)

    Thanks again!

  8. Rajab Bader Says:

    Hey, I’m a student too. I’m studying languages: English, Arabic, French and Italian. I also study Linguistics.

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